Due to the fact that we receive a lot of calls and e-mails, please check the FAQ before:

Is the information on the site is up to date?
Yes, the information is up to date.

How to make a hair donation?
Please visit the following link, www.donespoircancer.ca/en/donation-criteria/

Do you accept dyed hair?
Yes, but only if your hair is healthy and undamaged. We do not accept “funky” colors such as:
Pink, blue, green...

Do you accept permed hair?
No, not good for wigs.

Do you know who will receive our hair?
No, we cannot tell you who will receive your hair, because each wig takes 15-20 ponytails, and
it’s too difficult to administer. We do not send pictures or personal information
about the recipient.

Can we have an acknowledgment that you received the hair?
No, unfortunately the price for sending a letter to each person who sends us hair is too high.
We do not have the money, all the money we receive goes to help people with cancer.
If you want, you can send an email with your name, date and donation and after 4-6 weeks
you will receive a certificate via email.

Are the cuts free?
It depends! The Foundation does not offer cuts, we work on wigs, which is our mandate.
If you want a cut you can contact your hairdresser or call one of our partners for information.

Can I decide who gets my hair?
No, we cannot take requests. The hair is used according to the needs of the people we help.

If my hair is damaged can I give them?
No, damaged hair cannot be used, healthy hair is used to make the wigs. If you cut your hair
because they are damaged then it is too damaged for others as well.

Can we organize a fundraiser for your organization?
Yes, it is important for us to get money to pay for the making of the wig. You can start a
fundraiser on our website or organize events to raise funds.

Do you partner with a particular foundation?
No, we work with people who need our help!

Can we make changes to your flyers?
No, you must leave our documents as such. If you need our logo, please e-mail us for
permission at info@donespoircancer.ca with a request to use our logo. You have to have the
permission to use it. If you do a fundraiser for another organization and you want to donate
your hair you can follow the criteria and send it later.

May I have a donation receipt for the gift of our hair?
No, it is not legal.

If we want to become a partner or become a sponsor how it is done?
For information just email us at info@donespoircancer.ca

Do you sell the hair?
No, we are a foundation working with children and adults who do not have the means to
afford a wig. We work with several partners who help us achieve our goals.

Who makes the wigs?
We subcontract a company in Quebec.

How to get involved?
Volunteers are always needed, please contact us if you would like to help us. We also have
hair cutting events, you can follow us on our Facebook page. We also do makeovers,
we have a TV show on Bell TV1. If you want to sponsor or be part email us at